Day Three: Old Town San Diego (1975)

RetroSign2-1975I really appreciate how, on Day Three (Aug. 27, 1975),  my parents tried to make this a fun and educational trip for the kids.  We visited:

• San Diego Wild Animal Park (now renamed San Diego Zoo Safari Park). This is not your ordinary zoo. Here you can take a safari ride and see elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, gorillas and other “wild animals”.  According to my 1975 journal, “We rode on an elephant. It was bumpy riding the elephant. We then went to see the gorillas and an elephant show. An elephant took a break and did his pissing.” Fun.

• Aunt Emma’s Pancake House in Escondido, a local institution of sorts. AuntEmmasPancakeHouse

Old Town San Diego, which bills itself as the birthplace of California, featuring 17 historical points of interest and a feel for life in 1850’s California. Or, as my 11-year-old self wrote back then, without a trace of humor: “We saw all kinds of shops and restored rooms from olden days. We then went and ate at Taco Bell.

Robert H. Fleet Science Center is a hands-on Science Center of exploration and discovery. Watching a movie overhead in the astrodome-like theater was a first for me and why I probably wrote (41 years ago): “I hope that I can come back to the Space (sic) Center.” You never know, kid.

Interactive Google Map of the places mentioned above:

Map-San Diego 27Aug1975




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