My Bucket List

(If I’m lucky, places I might realistically be able to visit before I die)


National Trust of England (the old castles and manors!)

Anywhere in Central/Eastern Europe (Vienna, Prague, Budapest)

Germany (3-week German language course, tuition-free!)

Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, etc.)

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota (See North by Northwest)

Costa Rica (eco-tourism!)

Cuba (once U.S.-Cuban travel restrictions are lifted)

Chicago, Illinois

My “Maybe” List:

(Places I would love to visit, but not a high priority)

Scandinavian Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.)

Jerusalem (been there twice; would love to visit again)

Most anywhere in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, etc.)

Asian countries off the beaten track (Mongolia, Nepal, Myanmar)

Shanghai, Beijing & Hong Kong, China

Moscow, Russia


Midwestern United States (Rocky Mountain states thru the Great Plains)

My Quixotic List:

(Intriguing places, but too far or too expensive to realistically visit)


North Korea

Australia / New Zealand

Oceania (Tahiti / Fiji / Samoa)

South Africa


My “Hell No, I Will Never Go” List:

(Places that are sh*tholes and/or too dangerous to visit)

Iraq, Syria and Libya (ISIS!)

Venezuela (world’s highest murder rates, kidnappings)

Mexico City / Mainland Mexico (threat of kidnappings)

Pretty much all of Sub-Saharan Africa

Cairo, Egypt (it was sh*tty in 1985, probably sh*ttier now)

U.S.S.R. & Eastern Bloc Nations (If time-travel were possible, I would love to have visited the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations. But that era has passed.)