What If …

What if I can’t travel?

This website / blog / running fantasy presupposes that you have the financial and physical means to do a little traveling. But what if you truly cannot?

Reasons Some People Cite for Not Traveling or Exploring More:

1) “I don’t think I can afford it”

Reply: See Living Well, Spending Less and read The Courage to Travel

2) “No, I mean we really can’t afford it, after being unemployed the last two years, medical bills, foreclosure, etc. You have no idea….”

Reply: Agreed, but there are alternatives. Maybe that overseas trip will always remain an elusive fantasy. But there are free options closer to home: The unexplored woods, valleys and trails in your locale …  State or municipal parks that never charge a fee … Beaches, lakes and swimming holes within an hour’s drive … Your town or city’s points of pride (geologic formations, historical monuments, art festivals, community theater).

You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor

3) “I have a severe fear of flying or agoraphobia”

Reply: Well, I have a fear of scuba-diving and ending up permanently submerged at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. So instead, you can always explore with your mind and imagination. Throw in some watercolor paints, and you’ve now created your own coral reef:


Keep painting:


 Look, dolphins!


4) “I’m 100% disabled and house-bound”

Reply: Using only his mind, Stephen Hawking has figured out how to travel into the deepest reaches of space, ventured to a black hole event horizon, and even theorized how time-travel into the future may be possible.

 5) “We cannot all be space-cowboys and -cowgirls, galavanting across the universe.”

Reply: Yes we can. See the ponies?


6) “I’m legally blind.”

Reply: The good Lord gave us two ears.

7) “I give up … You’re impossible”

Reply: Don’t stop dreaming.